Training and Consultancy


Heather has over seven years experience delivering autism training across a range of organisations and providers.

During her time with The National Autistic Society she has delivered training to parent groups, museums, theatres, football club staff, theme parks, retail shops, local authorities and others.

She will deliver bespoke training for you to fit the time available and the clientele who she will be speaking to.


Whilst at the National Autistic Society Heather worked with local authorities helping them to implement the Adult Autism Strategy and managed a network for the south east of England Local Authority Autism Leads.

During this time she also advised museums, theme parks, football clubs, music festivals on how to
make their buildings and events more accessible for autistic people and advised on how they can
open up to their local autistic community.
She was also the main consultant for Circus Starr to develop their ‘Show and Tell’ visual story app which won an award at The National Autistic Society’s Professional Awards 2015.

Children and adults with autism can suffer from social isolation, a lack of social opportunities and employment. To address this Open Up To Autism works with organisations and support groups to increase their understanding of autism and how their environment may need to be adjusted.  This is to help give autistic people the same choice and opportunities as anyone else.

For some people on the autism spectrum due to their social anxieties it can make it difficult for them to access somewhere new. For some the sensory sensitivities can make it really difficult for them to visit somewhere or something which they are really interested in. We would like to work with you to take the mystery out and show how it can be done.

We also deliver parent talks to help parents understand their autistic child better and to offer strategies to help them help their child.